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Design ideas for the home from Blake Revell

Ideas for small bathroom design from Scotty Curthoys

June 19 2017, 09:03am

Posted by Blake Revell

Find the Right Size

Sometimes layout decisions are dictated by a little footprint. And scale and percentage are factors that are critical when working in a tiny space similar to this one. A little dressing table is the perfect (and only) fit in this powder room. A vintage- style faucet and container sink ensure the limited counter space stays litter-free.

Stand-Alone Storage

Add stand alone storage in your small bath add lots of fashion and to help organization.

Add Little Luxuries

A toilet needs to be practical. But no matter the size, there's always room for special touches to generate delight and character. This smallish toilet loves plentiful storage, thanks to built in cabinetry along with a recessed wall recess (not shown). Here, a little bench located alongside the shower lends suitable stowaway space for towels and soaps along with a place to take a seat.

No Wasted Space

Thoughtful preparation will help make the most of a small bathroom. Analyze the floor plan carefully and plan storage alternatives according to your preferences and space constraints. Custom built-in cabinetry is generally the top option for maximizing cupboard space. The corner is good-utilized having a big upper cupboard that maximizes space with a door.


Show Off Details and Craftsmanship

In a small room, every detail gets detected, so give attention to quality craftsmanship and luxury features. This stylish vanity is infused with the room's paneling, as well as enchanting details on the dressing table doors and graphic ledge. A marble countertop and shimmering vintage -inspired hardware put in a sense of extravagance.

Streamlined Style

Make the most of a room that is small by streamlining: Create long, interrupted lines to elongate the space. This bathroom could be narrow but it's definitely big on design. Part of its own allure comes from your clean lines of the double console sinks and dressing tables that are open. With little countertop place, there's less chance to make litter, therefore the room is more inclined to stay neat and tidy.

Store with Style

Storage put away or has two options: on display. A small bath has really little room for error as it pertains to clutter, so making purposeful choices is essential. Here, bath towels and soaps folded in white dishes.


Bathroom shower doors

Maximize Natural Light

Optimize the perceived size of a tiny bath by visually sharing space from the outside with the inside. Here, a big window provides access to beautiful, private views. Two big mirrors hung on opposite walls help the tiny bathroom and reflect the view that is outside feel open and airy.


Stretch the Storage

If the miniature footprint of a bathroom is maxed out, look up. Make use of a shallow or wall shelf that is recessed without eating up precious floor space to give storage. In this little bathroom, an open dressing table -- chosen to maintain the space light -- required careful storage planning. A ledge along one wall offers display space for ornamental items and soaps that are pretty. Above the ledge, a shelving unit displays hand towels, tiny storage containers, and other bathroom necessities.

Keep It Simple

Simple lines. Fundamental colours as well as patterns. Sparse furnishings. These design ideas can make all of the difference when trying to enlarge a tiny space. This streamlined bath is a study in fashionable contrasts.

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