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Design ideas for the home from Blake Revell

Stairs railing ideas from Scotty Curthoys

June 19 2017, 09:02am

Posted by Blake Revell

Curvaceous Climb

Intricately detailed iron railings garner attention without blocking views or incoming light of the arched window located behind the stairs. Rising from a white foundation, dim stair railings undulate up to highlight the stairway's stately architecture and turn at the beginning steps.

Refined Rustic

Juxtapositions of finishes and materials create unique stairwells.

White-and-Wood Stairway

For traditional-style houses, the tightly tailored look of a classic white-and-wood-tone stairwell is usually the most suitable choice. Here, a stringer and straightforward square baluster uprights are perked up using a natural wood handrail and treads.


Large wall mirror

Smartly Synced

This entry stairs and railings stay in step with the dwelling's Victorian sources. Stairs trim and paneled posts stained to match the handrails add a feeling of importance. White balusters link nicely with the architecturally significant woodwork of the house and keep the look vibrant.

Cottage Railing

Wood blocks linking custom design is given and somewhat of sturdiness to this stairway by the balusters.

Progressive Passage

The flat lines of the stair railing enrich (and safely enclose) a floating stairway ascending behind a kitchen's serving area. Available in finishes and a variety of metals, these clean-lined stair railings promptly confirm contemporary nature.

Theatrical Installation

With all the design of the rails of a ship, this steel balustrade bends together with the stairs as they ascend from landing to landing. Horizontally set balusters going beyond the posts add dimension that is artistic, perfectly in sync together with the stairway's getting shape. Glass stair risers allow light to reflect from the stairwell that is multistory.

Pleasing and Practical

Stair railings ought to be tough constructions that guarantee safe journeys. This enchanting design has every possible and measure peril insured. Stair rails offer handholds from the initial step to the landing, which is enclosed with a lattice-paneled railing that gives way into a white-painted handrail mounted on brackets fastened to wall studs.

Handsome Harmonies

Whether made from iron or carved from wood, custom stair railings add formal stairs and a grand finish. The soaring paneled wall in this stairway inspired the significant types and unbiased finish of the stair railing. Stair posts with carved details balance the railing's significant carved balusters and handrail that is wide.

Unfussy Form

Coupled with square balusters, clearly profiled handrails and posts, and a white-painted finish, this stair railing totally suits the monochromatic color scheme that is breezy.

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